Passengers today want a “wow” experience. They want to have fun, be entertained or learn something new. They want to “touch and feel” your destination. And the Tour Guide is the key person to make that happen for the guest. That is why the Tour Guide plays such an important role in ensuring these ship visits continue for years into the future.  This makes staff training and development critical to success for a destination. Appearance and first impressions make such an impact – and how easy and inexpensive is it to smile or anticipate a guest’s needs?  And that is just the beginning when it comes to ways the Tour Guide can enhance the guest experience.

Ask yourself how to create “wow” experience combinations, the ones you remember long after you’ve arrived back home. That’s what sets us apart in the competitive tourism marketplace.  Think about how you can create and build moments along the way that makes you and your tour product stand out. Consumers today look for experiences that touch the senses. They want to swap stories with locals and they want to make a connection to a place they can’t get anywhere else. If you were to ask yourself what you remember about your most recent vacation, chances are it would be something or someone that touched your heart.